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Q. Do I need Wi-Fi to connect Artie Max?

A. No. Artie Max has its own built-in Wi-Fi that works directly with your device.

Q. How do I know if Artie Max is connected to my device?

A. You will know Artie Max is connected when the word "connected" appears and the Wi-Fi icon is green. The word "connected" will disappear after 5 seconds.

FAQ Connected

Q. What if Artie Max won't connect to my device?

A. Make sure that Artie Max's power switch is turned on and the battery is charged. You can also reboot Artie Max by switching off, waiting 30 seconds, and powering it back up.

Q. Can I use my phone to code with Artie Max?

A. While possible, a phone screen is not ideal for coding. We recommend a larger screen such as a tablet or laptop.

Q. Where can Artie Max draw?

A. Artie Max draws only on one sheet of paper at a time. The paper must be placed on a hard, flat surface. You can use tape to hold the paper down. Always place Artie Max in the center of the paper when you are ready to run a drawing program.

Q. What kind of paper can I use with Artie Max?

A. Artie's demos need a minimum of an 8.5"x11" or A4 sized piece of plain paper.

Q. What if Artie Max slows down or takes breaks?

A. Artie Max may need to be charged. For more information, see the Power section at the beginning of this guide

Q. Artie Max is leaving ink blots, what should I do?

A. Make sure to program Artie Max to move its marker up at the end of your design. If Artie Max leaves an ink blot while sitting on the paper, verify that the marker is in the raised position.

Q. What if Artie Max's markers get on my clothes or hard surface?

A. Artie Max's markers are washable. Use mild soap and warm water to soak and rinse clothing. Let clothing hang dry. Use a warm damp cloth and wipe the area of the inkblot.

Q. Can I clean Artie Max?

A. You can carefully wipe Artie Max's surface with a slightly damp or dry cloth. Do not immerse or spray any liquid on Artie Max.

Q. Can Artie Max fall off the edge of a table?

A. Artie Max has a "cliff sensor" in the front and the back, which help prevent Artie Max from falling off ledges. These help Artie Max to stay on a table or counter. When Artie Max detects a ledge, you will hear a warning sound and Artie Max should stop. Remember that these sensors are preventative. The best way to ensure Artie Max doesn't fall is to ensure it has plenty of drawing room, and to always watch it when running a program. These sensors can be turned "off" only using textbased languages.

Q. Can I use other markers with Artie Max?

A. Yes. Artie Max uses washable felt-tip markers between 8 mm to 10.5 mm diameter thickness. The length of the marker must be 120 mm or more. Measure here to check if your marker is compatible with Artie Max:

FAQ Marker

Q. I'm still having trouble, can someone help?

A. Yes. Contact us at or call us 1-800-995-4436.