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Getting Started

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. Do I need WiFi to connect Artie?

A. No. Artie has his own built-in WiFi that works directly with your device.

Q. How do I know if Artie is connected to my device?

A. You will know Artie is connected when the WiFi icon is green.


Q. What if Artie won't connect to my device?

A. Make sure Artie's power switch is turned on and the batteries are fresh. You can also reboot Artie by switching him off, waiting 30 seconds, and powering him back on.

Q. Can I use my phone to code with Artie?

A. Artie works best with a computer or tablet. Artie's interface works best with larger screens.

Q. Where can Artie draw?

A. Artie draws only on one sheet of paper at a time. The paper must be placed on a hard, flat surface. You can use tape to hold the paper down. Always place Artie in the center of the paper when you are ready to run a drawing program.

Q. What kind of paper can I use with Artie?

A. Artie's preprogrammed First Lessons need a minimum of an 8.5” x 11” or A4 sized piece of plain paper, but you can use as big as you like.

Q. What if Artie slows down or takes breaks?

A. Artie may need new batteries. Replace his batteries by following the battery installation instructions from the Quick Start Guide.

Q. Can I clean Artie?

A. Ever so carefully, use a damp cloth to wipe Artie's surface.

Q. Artie looks like he's leaving ink blots, what should I do?

A. Make sure to program Artie to move his pen up at the end of your design. If Artie is leaving an ink blot when you are placing him down on paper, re-align the marker using the marker-parker.

Q. What if Artie's markers get on my clothes or hard surface?

A. Artie's markers are washable. Use mild soap and warm water to soak and rinse clothing. Let clothing hang dry. If markers get on your hard surface, be sure to use a paper towel with mild soap and warm water to wipe it down.

Q. Artie's wheels seem stuck. What should I do?

A. Artie's wheels may need a quick cleaning. Use a damp cloth to clean the treads on the wheels. Then, re-align Artie's marker using the marker-parker.

Q. Can Artie fall off the edge of a table?

A. Although Artie is one smart cookie, he does need someone to re-direct him to ensure he does not fall off any edge. While programming Artie, it is always important to factor in measurement of space to keep him safe. Always place Artie in the center of the paper when you run a drawing program.

Q. Can I use other markers with Artie?

A. Yes. Artie uses washable felt tip markers between 8 mm to 10.5 mm diameter thickness. The length of the marker must be 120 mm or more.

Q. Does Artie collect data from users?

A. Artie 3000 is inherently designed to be one of the safest and most secure coding robots on the market. When it comes to Artie 3000 there is no Wi-Fi or log-in required. In fact, Artie 3000 never connects to the internet. There is only a one way transmission of data from the user to the product thus, Artie 3000 does not collect data of any kind.

Q. I'm still having trouble, can someone help?

A. Yes. Contact us at or call us 1-800-995-4436.